Looking to start a business, running one already or simply looking for a job? Look through our business guides or speak with our Consultant.

The business guides show you step by step how to start your own business and be Your Own Boss!

Our Consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in Management and Financial Services. Employees (and those seeking employment) in the private sector would find advantage in our services. Those who work for the government or seek employment there would also have immense benefit from the experience of our consultants. 

We have served in various fields: utility bill auditing, personal financial planning and advisory, small business/startup advisory as well support (CV reviews, crafting of personal statements) for applicant seeking jobs. We are poised to deliver value to all clients. 

Those working for the government cannot over-emphasize the value of The Financial Regulations and The Civil Service Rules. Go to Civil Service Rules or Financial Regulations. 

We are consultants with combined experience in finance and management spanning over thirty five years in both private as well as the public sectors.

You only have to trust us with your desire.